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Grants Committee Election for S10 and S11

Title: Grants Committee Election for S10 and S11 Author: paulitobankless Forum Post: Governance Election: Season 10 - Grants Committee Election Submission


According to the BanklessDAO Constitution, there are six seats open for the Grants Committee for the next term (Season 10 and Season 11).

Members stepping down

  • Ornellaweb3
  • Icedcool
  • links
  • baer.eth


You can get more information about this election and see all applications here: Governance Election: Season 10 - Grants Committee Election Submission

In summary these are the 5 candidates by their Discord handle:

  • UXMcEal
  • coffee-crusher
  • anaphant
  • SpiritedF#7303
  • fabiancripto
  • No UXMcEal
  • No coffee-crusher
  • No anaphant
  • No SpiritedF#7303
  • No fabiancripto

The voting system is weighted voting. You can distribute your vote to as many candidates as you wish and also choose the weight on it. There is also a No vote for each candidate. If you feel any of the candidates are not eligible for the GC role you can do a No vote.

Note: If a candidate has more weight on their no vote they won't be admitted as part of the S10 and 11 GC.

2M votes
6 months ago

Swap FEI into USDC

Squad: Treasury Department


BanklessDAO treasury has 1,935 FEI, we need to swap out of this stable into USDC to reduce risk BACKGROUND BanklessDAO treasury received some FEI as part of a research grant. In order to reduce the risk on the DAO treasury, we suggest getting out of this position.


  • The treasury dept has approved this swap

  • If approved via snapshot, the follow transaction will be initiated

  • BDAO multisig would submit a swap transaction to swap 1935 FEI into USDC

2M votes
7 months ago

Tokenomics - Approve DAI Capital Efficiency Strategy

Squad: Treasury Department Date Created: 12.06.2023


BanklessDAO treasury has 14,693.416 DAI sitting idle Deposit DAI in BanklessDAO’s Rari Fuse pool and earn 6.53% APY


After migrating DAO liquidity to Uniswap V3 in early 2022 [here 1], the DAO was able to create a Rari Fuse pool to enable BANK holders to borrow against their BANK.

What is Rari Fuse?

Winverse wrote a nice piece about it in the 4th June, 2022 issue of the Weekly Rollup(here), but in short Rari Fuse allowed the DAO to create its own money market. [link]


If approved, the follow transaction will be initiated

BDAO multisig would submit a deposit transaction into the rari fuse contract

The treasury department will monitor this position and submit a proposal to withdraw when it is no longer feasible to earn yield from this strategy.

This proposal grants the Treasury Deptment the right to deposit the aforementioned funds into the Rari pool from, and the right to decide and execute the withdraw of such funds back into the DAO multi-sig when judged to be appropriate and necessary for economic or risk considerations.

Risks and disclosures:

  • As with anything in DeFi, this strategy is vulnerable to smart contract risks
  • The strategy is also vulnerable to loss of value resulting from by high slippage trades triggered by high volatility black swan events
  • The rari front end may go down, although this can be mitigated by interacting with the smart contracts directly. The Treasury Department will monitor this and be prepared to exit.

2M votes
10 months ago

Seasonal Meta-governance delegation to DAOStewards.eth


This proposal seeks to renew DAOStewards as the official meta-governance group of BanklessDAO for Season 9, enabling the BanklessDAO Vault Multsig to delegate eligible governance tokens to DAOStewards upon request. DAOStewards will report back to the DAO at the end of each season and propose to renew the delegation.


Bankless DAOStewards is a meta-governance group formed in late 2022, with the goal of representing BanklessDAO in the governance of other DAOs. Through effective governance, the reputations of DAOstewards and BanklessDAO grows, which translates into revenue for BanklessDAO and its projects.

Since inception, we have helped BanklessDAO and its projects earn over 130,000 OP via Optimism, claim 701,275 Collab.Land tokens, and have otherwise helped steward $30,000 to DAO-related projects and affiliated contributors via public good projects such as Gitcoin, DAO Drops, and clr.fund.

We hold delegated voting power from both the Vault and the DAO’s contributors, and have actively participated in the governance of multiple DAOs, including Optimism, Arbitrum, Safe, and Uniswap. Our voting rate remains over 80% and we always communicate our voting rationale via our Notion page 1.

Mission & Values Alignment:

DAOStewards have a proven track record of helping BanklessDAO projects earn revenue, thus enabling contributors to be focused on the mission of helping the world #goBankless.

We lead with Bankless, our members are among the most value-aligned contributors in the DAO. In the coming season we will incorporate tlBANK as a requirement for our governors, thus further aligning our relationship with BanklessDAO and its values.

Scope of Work:

In practise this will have the following implications:

If ratified, DAOStewards will receive delegation of all delegatable governance tokens for Season 9.

DAOStewards will regularly report its voting activity and other wins during the weekly Community Calls.

DAOStewards will post a report of its activities at the end of each season and seek renewal of delegation from the DAO.

If the proposal gains consensus on Forum, DAOStewards will receive delegation of all possible governance tokens for S9 and the consequent implementation will be included in the seasonal spec subject to community approval each season

DAOStewards will incorporate tlBANK into its membership and compensation structure.

Financial Implications:

There are no immediate costs associated with this proposal.

Success Metrics or KPIs:

Revenue raised for BanklessDAO and its projects Voting weight

Squad Background:

Current active contributors of DAOStewards include:

Baer.eth : L2 member, Project champion: Bankless wallet, active governor at SAFE, 1inch

Links: L2 member, Project champion: Bankless Card, active governor at SAFE

HiroKennely: L2 member, Project Champion: Bankless Publishing, active governor at Optimism, A

Thinkdecade: L2 member, Project champion: Bankless Africa, Active governor at Optimism, SAF

LiviuC: L2 member, Active governor at Arbitrum

Jengajojo: L2 member, Project Champion: IMN, Global Events, DAOStewards, Governance Dept coordinator, Active governor: SAFE, Optimism, Arbitrum, Gitcoin, 1inch, AAVE, VITA

2M votes
1 year ago

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