bDIP-00: Seasonal Funding Process Clarification

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Title: bDIP-00: Seasonal Funding Process Clarification

Authors: 0xZFi#4882, Rowan#3669, Icedcool🏴#4947

Working Group: 0xZFi#4882 (Champion), Rowan#3669, Bpetes#9961, links#7868, Icedcool🏴#4947

BanklessDAO Constitution: Link


This change is required to enable a timely Season 6 transition. Established procedures through Season 5, including the Season 5 Specification process, were superseded by the Constitution, which was ratified during Season 5. As a result, the governance processes around the season transition require clarification.

This bDIP proposes new wording to the Funding section under Seasonal Budgets to accurately reflect current Seasonal Process. Its passage will allow seasonal funding to continue as intended, given the short timelines leading up to Season 6. Future bDIPs will be developed to further clarify the Constitution in this respect.

It is our intent to minimize the delay of funding disbursement for Season 6. If this bDIP passes, a seven day delay is expected. If this bDIP does not pass, the delay is unknown.


This is intended to be a Minor Change to the Constitution, as the proposed revision simply aims to provide procedural clarity for the seasonal funding process. As such, the Constitution would be updated to v1.1 if this bDIP passes the Forum and Snapshot votes.

|Current Form|Proposed Change| | --- | --- | |Old text in Funding, under Seasonal Budgets:|Revision to Funding, under Seasonal Budgets:| |New seasons are initiated by all guilds and projects submitting proposals for funding. If these proposals pass Forum approval, they are packaged together in a single seasonal budget approval Snapshot vote. If this budget is approved, then the DAO multi-signers are responsible for issuing disbursements in line with the approved budget.|Before new seasons begin, all previously funded guilds and projects must submit a funding proposal to the forum for the Grants Committee to review. Funding proposals that pass the Grants Committee review process are packaged together in a single seasonal budget Snapshot vote. If this budget is approved then the DAO multi-signers are responsible for issuing disbursements in line with the approved budget.|


Passage of this bDIP would clarify and align the Constitution to current operations and enable the seasonal funding for Season 6. This would establish the operational procedure through which seasonal budget requests are approved going forward.


If this proposal does not pass on the Forum, we will be holding up the season transition and the funding requests that have already been approved by the Grants Committee. This bDIP would need revision until it passes. Only then could we continue with the seasonal funding round.


This bDIP will be posted to the Forum for 7 days. If it passes on the Forum, it will be posted on Snapshot for 7 days. In order to facilitate timely Season 6 funding, the Season 6 Specification will be posted to Snapshot the day after the bDIP is posted and the votes will run simultaneously. Assuming the bDIP passes, the Season 6 Specification can also pass, and funding will be disbursed.

Start DateNov 4, 2022 6:00 AM
End DateNov 11, 2022 7:00 AM
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